History of Vulcan Lodge
Holiday Cottages

The Vulcan Lodge has had many incarnations. Originally the stone building was three cottages occupied by an agricultural worker, a midwife and a blacksmith and coffin maker. It became an inn at the end of the 19th century when it was called 'The Middleton Arms' as it was then owned by the Middleton Evans family whose seat was at Llyn-Parriad. At some point it changed its name to 'The Vulcan Arms' to recognise Vulcan God of Fire as the god of blacksmiths. It sits on the old Cambrian railway line and was an important hostelry for those using the Doldowlod Halt station. Sadly the line fell victim to the Beeching Axe in the mid 1960's but the station house and the old Doldowlod Halt sign are still there today.

For many years the Vulcan was known locally as 'The Man Trap' as a one time landlord had three very pretty daughters who drew in the menfolk from miles around! In the 1960's it was called a 'Motel' as it had a row of Hi-Di-Hi type chalets at the rear. These have long since gone. In the early 1990's it became empty and fell into disrepair being occupied by squatters. Eventually it was renovated and refurbished and became a very successful restaurant with bars. The owners themed it as a library and the walls were lined with books many of which were old law books. When our family took over in 2010 to begin conversion the books were still in situ. Some were sold to a law bookshop in Lincoln's Inn and others were sold to Alton Towers for use in the court room of their new Dungeon Ride at their Blackpool Tower theme park.

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